Enjoy English : My expectation of learning English in the new term

Time goes by, I have been in International Software School of Wuhan University for my college for some days. My dream is to be a good programmer, a software architect, even aa boss of a IT company. I know it is so important to learn English for my major, for I will always have much time reading English articles, and may go to foreign countries for further study.

In high school, I have learned much English knowledge. In my opinion, I am not to study only the grammer or the word.

As for my expectation for this term, I select a word called ENJOY. So I plan to learn more than English itself. English culture, knowledge written in English language, and even everything else in English, will be my expectation.

With my growing up, I have realized that to learn is not only to get the knowledge, but also to gain the feeling of culture. I remember,when I study Chinese, I usually want to get the cultural background of the text. I also want to learn more about English culture in my subject. For this reason, I will read much more.

I want to start my morning-reading. I can not wait to sit in the picturesque university, reading aloud, making myself fly to the western countries. Enjoy the sunshine, the article, the happiness of learning English, and make a beautiful trip to everywhere in the world. How eagerly I expect it!

Read more, do more morning-reading, and listen more. I believe I will gain my sense of English which is my biggest target in this term. I will also know more about English culture.